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Thursday, 16th April 2020

Quote of the day: "We're going to be announcing guidelines, and we'll be talking about various states, and it's very exciting," Trump said in another rambunctious Rose Garden news conference Wednesday.

Opinion: In trump interest to re-open as quickly as possible the country. Historically, running president lost the election with a recession during their mandate. State governors clashed with Trump as it is their authority to decide when to re-open states. POTUS puts in jeopardy health of US citizen as reelection at stake.

Lesson of the day : « You must trade the trend you see, not the trend you want to see.”

As the SP500 continue to rally, I understand that there is a greater chance of breaking the 3000 than making new lows. With the extreme fiscal stimulus and historically low global interest rates, the market will remain irrational. Awaiting an exogenous shock for new lows to close the SP500 PUT position.

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Friday, 24th April 2020

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