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Saturday 6th April 2020

Lesson of the day: “how the market works: It sells off when a problem is first identified, rallies as the situation gets stabilized, and then falls again as the economic damage becomes clear.”

Opinion: Surprised by the reigning optimism for the US market. It seems that the FED announced plan vanishes the macroeconomic updates such as record unemployment filings and historic low petrol price. Market news:

· SP500 two-days gain to 2700

· Experience over the past months shows that governments response (except Corea, Japan, and Taiwan) was not strong enough to quickly slow down the pandemic. Yet, US may benefit from newly acquired knowledge from other government, NGOs and high-running medical plants to slow down the pandemic faster than other countries.

Trading position opened: I am short on the SP500 and expect the euphoria will soon be replaced with proper anxiety. Expecting the SP500 to test the 2000 resistance line before end of may.

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