Dear Madam or Sir,

I have known Cedric since 2015 when he was in the second year of his undergraduate studies at Essex, where I was a PhD candidate and a teaching assistant. During that academic year I was a seminar tutor for a course in Intermediate Macroeconomics, and Cedric was a student in one of my classes. My impressions of Cedric originate from our interactions as tutor and tutee in this module – both within classroom and from one-on-one interactions during office hours, and related.

To clarify the context, it should be noted that in 2015 I was a tutor to 127 students in Intermediate Macroeconomics and, as I was involved in teaching the module from 2014 to 2017, over the years I have had direct contact with a lot of students on this module.

While having been his tutor four years ago, and in addition to many other students, I distinctly and fondly remember Cedric. Highly driven and devoted, prone to identifying relevant questions, actively engaging in discussions, and not shying away from being at the centre of attention, Cedric has consistently impressed me as one of the most active and memorable students among his peers in terms of personal presence in the context of classroom activities. In terms of academic performance, Cedric was top of his class, as also directly evidenced by his examination results, which place him comfortably within the top 5 percent of the part of his cohort whose work I have assessed.

In a slightly different context, I was also strongly impressed by Cedric's adaptability and drive to learn the rules of the game he plays. Most of the members of his class were students of pure Economics, while he was a PPE student. Nonetheless, he was pushing the boundaries of his comparative advantage in trying to approach macroeconomics as an economist. For example, I recall from a discussion prior to one of his assignment, that he was eager to learn carefully the appropriate mathematical tools and address the assignment question with a formal mathematical model – somewhat beyond what was required at this stage. He also gave me a clear impression of a person who is studying in order to learn, and not just in order to achieve good results. On several occasions, I have been able to assess his drive as deeply driven by a genuine interest about learning new things. For example, I recall vividly that in one of my office hours we had a long discussion of my research project in search theory, a topic well beyond the scope of an undergraduate degree. Nonetheless, Cedric was eager to understand what I am doing and impressed me by not only asking about my topic but by raising truly interesting questions and demonstrating excellent intuitive understanding of complex arguments.


Throughout my interactions with Cedric, he has consistently come across as a friendly, polite, mature and interesting person, with some evident leadership qualities and drive. Given his ability and adaptability, I expect that he will quickly fit in the environment of a challenging programme at your excellent school. In addition, I am convinced that with his personality he can make a valuable contribution to this environment. Hence, it is with no hesitation that I recommend him for admission to your programme.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me, should any further information be required. Kind regards,

Dr Emil Kostadinov Teaching Fellow Department of Economics University of Warwick



As a Note de Synthèse teacher at Sciences Po Aix, I had the pleasure of having Mr. Cédric LEFEBVRE as a student during the academic year 2018-2019.

Cédric is an outgoing and curious person who easily comes for a casual conversation in-between two classes to learn more about professional career options, discuss his doubts from the lesson or simply ask for advice on various issues. Until today, I maintained a continuous communication with Cédric after graduation as he thanked me for how my course helped him during his job with the mayor of Saint-Raphaël and as he kept me informed on his business school aspirations. In a class, Cédric has demonstrated great interpersonal skills that allowed him to work well with all the different personalities of the group and did not hesitate to offer tutorship when a discouraged student communicated his despair during the class.

I was able to particularly appreciate Cédric’s proactive attitude and his will to give himself the means to progress, going so far as to ask for additional work to improve. From that day, I provided him 4 mock exams in addition to the weekly compulsory exam, to help improve his performance. At the end of the academic year, Cédric was among the students that had shown the biggest improvement.

Cédric has demonstrated also a capacity to work under-pressure and was evident to me on an exam day. As his car broke down, Cédric arrived 20mn late for the exam. Despite I could not allow any extra-time, he asked to sit the exam and managed to efficiently organize his work to finish on time.

I would like to also highlight Cedric’s potential to become a future leader. He has demonstrated leadership by taking on the responsibility to become the admin of the online page of his class that he created, making him the point of contact between the administration and the class during the entire academic year. Additionally, his oral participation in the class was clearly a catalyzer for others’ participation, making his presence a real asset for the collective dynamic. Lastly, from my interactions with him out of the course, I know that he managed his student job and work at the public speaking society. These responsibilities must have made him more efficient with work and demanding deadlines of courses.

Mr. LEFEBVRE combines all the assets that will make him a reliable and effective player in your program. It is for all these reasons that I respectfully recommend to study his candidacy with the greatest attention.

It is with a real pleasure that I remain at your disposal for any additional information that you would like to have.



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